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About Us

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Wineocards™ are the invention of Seattle Graphic Designer/Art Director Stafford Lombard.

Before he created the cards, he became bored with hiding wine
bottles in a bag when he went to a party. "I think wine
bottles are great on their own, " Stafford says. "They're good design
and they've got graphic labels that don't need to be hidden."
Stafford also found that there was never an appropriate place to put a
card when he gave the gift of wine. "I wanted to find
a way to let the host immediately know who gave them this gift."

While he napped one afternoon in 2005, a simple and practical solution
came to him: Wineocards™! These stylish cards fit
perfectly around the neck of wine and champagne bottles and open for
you to write a note. With Wineocards™, you never have to
worry about where to put the card, and your host will be impressed by
the clever presentation around that bottle.

Wineocards™ generated much excitement and received a nomination
for the "Best New Product" award at the National Stationery Show
in May 2007. In addition, the United States Patent and Trademark Office
recently recognized the originality of Wineocards™,
granting a U.S. Design Patent and Registration Mark.

Currently, there are many Wineocard™ styles available. You can
purchase them in stores across the United States. They're proudly
made and printed on recycled paper with soy based inks in Seattle.

Wineocards™: excellent design, great solution.


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